Posted by: Katherine | April 20, 2015

NIAW 2015

Wait – what! Katherine is blogging! Has it really been 9 months since she last posted? Yup, it has. What deserves my entrance back into the blogging world? Well, it’s National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). And I want to do something special to honor the week. Because even though we now have children, we will always remember that we almost didn’t. And we will always remember that we need more awareness of this issue and how devastating it is to those of us diagnosed with it. And we will always advocate for better infertility insurance coverage, even though we have our children finally. So in honor of this week, in honor of the survivors, in honor of those who are still waiting, in honor of those who have been forced to move on, I wanted to share my blog with everyone I know. This blog has always been fairly anonymous. Very, very few family members and friends knew about it. I wanted it to be a journal in some sense, and didn’t want to worry about what others might think of it as I wrote. (And if I ever got pregnant, I wanted to share that information with family and friends when I was ready, but still wanted to blog about it in real time.) So this week I am posting this blog on Facebook and if my friends are interested, they may decide to go back and read it. Read my story. Read my emotions. Read about my life when I was in a small cocoon of depression and wasn’t interacting with a whole lot of people. And then read about my pregnancy and the joy. If you want to read from the beginning start in February 2012 (there’s a little menu bar that lists the months to help you navigate.)

I wish I could document more of our day-to-day life with the boys in this blog. But I just have no time. In fact, this post tonight is an act of procrastination. To be honest, I haven’t even read any other blogs, besides my husband’s, since I returned to work nine months ago. (I highly encourage you to follow Robb’s blog, you can see that we’re still alive and our sons are amazing.) So, if I’m being honest with myself, I probably won’t post very often in the future, if at all. But just assume that I’m happy. And know that despite the craziness and the exhaustion and not having any time or money anymore, I finally have the only thing I have ever wanted. And everyone deserves this happiness. So keep fighting for awareness. Keep fighting for cures. Keep fighting for funding. Keep fighting for happiness.

Family Picture on First Birthday

Family Picture on First Birthday

Baby A (Miles) and Mommy

Baby A (Miles) and Mommy


Baby B (Conrad) and Mommy

Discovering moss on a tree (Conrad in my arms, Miles is in Robb's arms)

Discovering moss on a tree.


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